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“Daniel Houde is extremely reliable, prompt, creative, and prides himself on attention to detail. He is a joy to work with and we look forward to using his services again in the near future. Dan uses his vision to create an environment that is suited to your taste without compromising his own expertise and copious knowledge of design and style.”

—Scott and Julie Levenson

Whether your project is residential or commercial, Daniel H. Houde Design can meet all your interior design needs. We are creative. We are affordable. Importantly, we do not force our design style on you- your satisfaction is key. Our design services include:

Interior Design
Re-design in a Day
In-Home Interior Design Consultations
Color Consultations
Real Estate Staging
Furniture Shopping
Custom Floral Arrangements


A. Working with Your Contractor

We specialize in finding solutions for your design challenges. Sometimes the simplest things may be overlooked on floor plans. That’s why we work closely with developers, contractors and you to evaluate the finest details in your floor plans and designs to make sure that one room flows smoothly into another. Accurate space planning is also important; we ensure that your furniture will fit into the rooms. As part of our evaluation, we look for obstacles that interrupt flow and we consider wall space, whether there is too much or too little. Details such as placement of electrical outlets as well as cable outlets are also considered in our review. Overall, your project should complement your lifestyle, we make sure that happens.

When it comes to remodeling projects, we evaluate the design to ensure that it will harmonize with the rest of your home, both the interior and exterior. A good remodel or an addition is so well designed that it does not look like it was ever done. [top]

B. Designs by Daniel Houde

From beginning to end, you can use Daniel H. Houde Design as your starting point. We offer complete design services for additions and remodeling projects that include detail drawings of floor plans, elevations and electrical plans. We also create designs for built-ins, fireplaces, basement and attic conversions, and mud rooms. [top]


So often people have wonderful furniture, accessories and art but when it comes to putting it all together they are mystified. That’s where we can help. Taking cues from you, we totally redesign your room-in one day-using your furniture, accessories and wall art. We create a beautiful and functional space for you. And, we bring just the flair that you are looking for. When we are done your room will be everything you wanted, comfortable, beautiful and elegant. Redesign is an affordable way to transform your house into a home. Remember, when it comes to redesign, we are there to enhance what you’ve already done not to tell you what you’ve done wrong. We always respect your personal taste and style.

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Are you handy? Are you a do it yourself kind of person? Do you walk around your home and know it needs something but you are not sure what that something is? An in-home consultation might just be the design solution that you need. During a consultation, we walk through your home with you and give you suggestions on how to improve what you have already done. You will then receive a detailed report of our walk through with design recommendations that will guide you on how to re-vamp the space yourself. It becomes your own design plan. [top]


Looking to add color to the interior or exterior of your house, condo or project?

Color can make a huge difference if you want to simply update the look of your home or condo. But picking color and texture is real hard. Do you want lipstick red or margarita green-or do you want more subtle colors? You wonder how to match your furniture and you question texture, whether to have smooth walls or a textured finish. What you really need is a consultant; one who is an expert at color selection and painting techniques. Daniel H. Houde Design offers on-site color consultations for the interior or exteriors. We will create a color palette especially for you. We’ll make sure that wall colors flow from one room into adjacent rooms. And, we will make sure that the colors we select work with your existing furniture and accessories.

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A. Staging Your Home

Planning to sell your home? If so, home staging is more important than ever. On average staged homes sell for more money than a non-staged home… and they sell faster as well.

Daniel H. Houde Design also specializes in home staging. Our clients have had excellent results in selling their real estate properties. When we stage a home we want you to become part of that average. We home stage with the buyer in mind meaning that your existing furniture, accessories, and wall art will be rearranged to create an open and inviting space that they will love-that visually shows them how they’d fit right into your home. If needed, we will also bring in accessories and art work to add that extra special touch.

Ninety-three percent of staged homes sell in one month or less, according to Barbara Schwartz, author and founder of Home Staging. My job is to help you become part of that 93 percent statistic. If you have already moved out and the house is empty, we’ve got you covered. Because we own over $200,000 in furniture and accessories, we can completely furnish your home. We can stage in any style and we work with any price point. Real estate staging is not limited to properties that sell for $500,000 and more; it’s for any owner that wants to ensure their property sells. Read about P. Zahara’s home staging experience with us.
“Thanks to Daniel Houde, we finally sold our house. We thought we had priced our house to meet the market, but when the housing market started its decline and continued to fall; our house was still not sold after a year and a half. We hired Dan Houde to “stage” our house. Because of Dan’s talent, expertise and ability to see a “home” instead of a “house”, our house sold in 2 months. Our entire house was a shining example of Dan’s talents and skills as a designer.” [top]

B. The Real Estate Staging Report

Following a walk-through of your home with you and / or your realtor we will develop a home staging proposal that outlines the changes we recommend to maximize the best features of your home, and to appeal to home buyers and motivate them to buy. Additionally the proposal will provide details of how we will handle the process for you. [top]


Buying furniture, accessories or wall art has become an art-and it takes valuable time out of your life. We make this process easy and stress free for our clients. We do the leg work. Whether your personal style ranges from comfortable to elegant, from simple to sophisticated, from contemporary to traditional, or somewhere in-between, we are skilled in finding exactly what’s right for you. Once more, clients benefit from my VIP status at major furniture stores which means we get the best deals possible for you.

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Daniel H. Houde can take your move from daunting to enjoyable. We help you figure out how to place your existing furniture, accessories and wall art in your new home or condo. We provide recommendations on what you might need to fill a larger home. Or, if your new home is smaller we suggest what you might discard to make your space more inviting and fresh.

If you are starting with a clean slate and have no furniture, we make shopping recommendations that help you furnish your home.

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We create custom silk floral arrangements for any room or for any occasion that you might need. Our arrangements are created to coordinate with your existing décor or a centerpiece for that special dinner party. Whatever the occasion may be, there is nothing like a beautiful floral arrangement. Seasonal arrangements are also available. [top]


A. For the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful as we all know. We have found over the years that decorating for the holidays is becoming challenging for most people. They find either they don’t have time or they don’t know how to create that perfect tree or holiday set up.

In response, Daniel H. Houde Design has added a home decorating-for-the-holidays-service. We come into your home or business to decorate. We create a themed tree to match the décor of your house or we work with your cherished ornaments to create that special tree you have always wanted. We decorate rooms, mantles, entrances and any space that needs a little, or a lot, of holiday cheer.

This service gets booked quick so scheduling well in advance is crucial. [top]

B. For Your Special Events and Occasions

Need special decorating for an important event or occasion? We provide creative services for those as well. It wasn’t that long ago that we brought artistic design and staging for the reception at The Center for Arts in Natick’s 10th anniversary benefit that featured Judy Collins. David F. Lavalley, Executive Director of TCAN was more than pleased:

“Thanks for your help Dan. On this very special night TCAN raised over $64,000. We are grateful to D&D Design Solutions for your generous donations and decorations, which helped set the mood and created a warm and intimate ambiance for the concert.” [top]


A. Businesses

Is your office drab and uninviting? Are you embarrassed to have your clients come to you?

We create warm and inviting spaces that reflect our clients businesses. We’ve helped help many business professionals to create that perfect balance of business and comfort to ensure complete harmony. We help make your office space reflect who you are and reflect your achievements. First impressions are the most important. A well designed office speaks volumes to your own clients and staff. Here’s what Darrell Canby CFP, CPA, Financial Advisor said about Dan’s work:

“I want to thank you for the expertise and creativity you provided to us in putting the finishing touch on our office. As you know we hosted an open house last night and it was a great success. The people were highly complimentary of our office. And you know when someone says “oh what a nice office you have’ and are just being polite. Not the case last night. People were blown away. I was very proud and you had a lot to do with that. I want to not only thank you for your contribution to the success of our open house, but would be more than willing to provide a testimonial for you in marketing to other clientele.” [top]

B. Retail

Are your displays uninviting? Do you have a storefront window that needs something to impress your market- only you don’t know what?

Daniel H. Houde has 20 years experience in the retail industry. His imaginative displays increased sales in those stores by 10 to 20 percent. He will create window displays for your business that will attract customers and motivate them to come in. Daniel H. Houde Design has added a retail window and display design service for small retail businesses that includes periodic window and display changes to keep them fresh. [top]


Daniel H. Houde Design works with several contractors and building-related professionals on our projects. We partner only with skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen that share my philosophy of excellence and providing superior customer service. They include:

• Electrician
• Plumber
• Handyman
• Painting
• Granite
• Window Treatments
• Cabinets/Built-ins
• Flooring
• Realtors

Please refer to the resource section for details. [top]